Heacock Classic is one of the award wining top providers of classic and collector car insurance in USA. This is one of perfect company for those who are passionate about protecting their collector vehicle. They have proven that collectors take better care of their vehicles and deserve lower rates. Heacock Classic offers insurance coverage for virtually all types of collector vehicles. Whether your passion is 1930’s Hot Rods, 1940’s Business Coupes, 1950’s Cruisers, or 1960’s Muscle Cars you’ll find someone who shares your passion at Heacock Classic.


  • Collector Vehicle Insurance
  • Vintage Motorcycle Insurance
  • Off-track Race Car Insurance
  • Commercial Coverage and Club Liability Coverage
  • Automobilia Insurance
  • Garage Keepers Insurance
  • Commercial Golf Cart Insurance
  • Overseas Shipping Insurance Coverage

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Email: info@heacockclassic.com
Phone: 888-353-4901